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The Dallas Area Ghosthunting Group and Extrasensory Researchers are a group of ghost hunters and paranomormal researchers operating out of the DFW area, though they research areas throughout the country (and even, rarely, in other countries as well). They also have a somewhat popular “reality” show on the Scared network called “Ghost Watchers” which involves the group researching to find the truth of various hauntings and doing what they can to help the “ghost of the week” to pass on.

What most people don’t know about the founders of D.A.G.G.E.R., and the stars of the show, is that they are also a krewe of geists that use the funding and fame from the show to gain access to haunted locations, and use their natural abilities as geists to not only help ghosts but to further the show itself.

While the stars of Ghost Watchers; John Henri, Kaitlin Corvid and Mortimer “Morte” Daniels; are geists, the camera and sound engineers that accompany them on their investigations have no clue as to the true nature of their employers.

There was a fourth member of the D.A.G.G.E.R. team, Eric Grinder, but according to Ghost Watchers, he has recently had some health issues that have prevented him from joining on investigations.

The Coven

The White Rock Lake area of Dallas is known as a very haunted area, from a white woman to an old gate said to lead to Hell itself. The area known as Flagpole Hill is rumored to be sacred to a group of Devil worshipers.

The truth is somewhat different. The gate, which was the last thing seen by many who were hung during the Civil War in the area, actually leads to the Underworld and the coven of Devil worshipers is a group of supernaturals that calls itself simply “The Coven.”

The Coven itself is made up of two separate groups that have come together for mutual support and aid. One is a group of vampires calling itself the Circle of the Crone, the second is a Krewe of Bound organized around Pagan death ceremonies and beliefs calling itself the Menhir. Initially, the two groups warred over the area, but over the years they have joined together to protect the area not only from supernatural threats, but more mundane threats as well.

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