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The pre-Geist Halloween one-shot adventure report.

Last night we had a one-shot, special Halloween edition of the World of Darkness. Everyone got pregens and I railroaded them into a scenario. :-D The pregens were (and I’ll go ahead and put the inspirations I had in mind in brackets…the players seemed to pick up on these really well):

  • Jack, a veterinarian who was headed to Vegas for his honeymoon when the car hit something, flipped and knocked them both out. [Jack from Lost]
  • Bill, a Vietnam vet who was duped by a pretty girl into drinking a drugged concoction. [A mixture of Bill from Left 4 Dead and Marv from Sin City..the player picked up on the Marv part so well that at one point he changed his token’s picture]
  • Ronald, a gambler, cheater and swindler looking for his missing sister. When he approached a house in the middle of nowhere, he got a chest full of rock salt from the old guy that lived there for his troubles. [A mixture of Gambit (specifically from the awful Wolverine movie) and Clay from the new Friday the 13th]
  • Murdoc, a psychiatrist and a famous author who hit a tree. [A mixture of Loomis from Rob Zombie’s Halloween and House from..well..House]

Everyone woke up in a basement, caged and naked. It wasn’t long before a massive, scarred man in a butcher’s apron came in, grabbed Jacks’ wife and dragged her off as she screamed and kicked, but she was able to (quite accidentally) knock a screwdriver off of a nearby table, which Ronald was able to use to free himself. The large man slammed shut a steel door at the other end of the basement, and a few moments later…the screaming stopped.

Once everyone got free, they armed themselves with improvised weapons found in the basement; a baseball bat, the aforementioned screwdriver, a shovel, a mag light flashlight. Then it was off to save Jack’s wife…but they hadn’t counted on a couple of things. Prying open the steel door, they triggered a shotgun trap that had been rigged (but nobody got hurt) and Jacks’ wife’s body in the room. The room was littered with filleted human bits, basically a butchering room. The sledgehammer the Butcher used to smash in Jack’s wife’s skull was still in the room, and Jack picked it up to use as a weapon.

The next room was a refrigerator room, complete with the hanging carcasses of a dozen or so dead people (gutted like pig or cow carcasses) hanging from meat hooks in the ceiling…and the Butcher at the other end of the room. Combat ensued. A few of my favorite moments included…

  • Ronald attacking him with the screwdriver.
  • Murdoc grappling the Butcher successfully and eventually disarming him, despite hefty wound levels and a big advantage in strength and brawl between Murdoc and the Butcher.
  • The opening attack of the Butcher which dealt five lethal to Bill from the Butcher’s huge meat cleaver (used the stats of a greataxe).
  • Bill being generally quite good at what he does.
  • The Butcher slamming Murdoc into frozen human carcasses and Murdoc STILL hanging on pretty much to the last minute.
  • The players realizing that not even a full health track of Lethal was going to knock the Butcher unconscious.
  • Murdoc taking a round of combat to feed his flaw, a painkiller addiction (and, yes, he got an extra XP for that).

After the fight was over, Murdoc was unconscious, Bill was wounded pretty badly and the other two weren’t too bad. So they dismembered the Butcher, Bill smoked a pack of cigarettes, Murdoc sat there long enough to regain a bashing level, someone (I forget who now) claiming the Butcher’s cleaver and someone making a molotov cocktail out of formaldahyde and a ripped piece of shirt. Oh, and them finding two more shells for the shotgun.

Onward and up the stairs, the group found the way out, and noticed the dining room directly across from them (as well as the smells of wonderful stew wafting from the kitchen); the table was littered with utensils made from various human bits, and had two corpses propped up at it, one of which was Ronald’s sister.

Ronald managed to regain his composure, and the crew decided to GTFO, but of course, they heard a woman crying out for help. Just before exiting the house, they saw a pretty blond girl being held at shotgun point by an old dude (Shotgun Willy) with a bad skin condition. Bill immediately recognized the girl as the one that had drugged him the night before, so they were suspicious right off the bat…and with good reason, it was a setup! When the group decided to just leave, the shit went down.

Shotgun Willy was nowhere nearly as tough as the Butcher, and Bill was able to take him out with two blasts of the shotgun (Willie was bleeding out after that…). Blondie picked up the gun to try to use it, but ended up doing little more than throwing a huge hissy fit as thegroup just left the house, headed to the nearest town and reported the place to the local authorities.

I haven’t had as much fun running a session as I did that one in a long time. And I think the players really liked the pregens; at least two of them are just going to slap a Geist template on their pregens when it comes time for the Geist game in January. So, I’m going to say the session was a success.


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